Parts of Chicken that You Need to Know and Examples of Their Exercises

Parts of Chicken that You Need to Know and Examples of Their Exercises

Chicken is a favorite food for many people, apart from being quite affordable compared to meat, chicken is also considered to be able to meet the nutritional needs of the body. Chicken parts are also easy to process into various dishes. Starting from fried to stewed or made into opor.

The parts found in chickens have various names and preparations that are suitable for the parts themselves. So, below we will share the parts of chickens and examples of their preparations. Keep watching, okay?

1. Whole Chicken (Roasted full Chicken)

The processed whole chicken menu is suitable for sharing with friends or family, where with the whole chicken menu everyone can choose chicken according to their own tastes. The whole chicken menu is often served grilled or fried, and the spices served also vary, from peanut sauce to spicy and sweet soy sauce.

2. Chicken Head

At the top, there is the chicken’s head and neck. Sometimes these two parts are cut separately. But there are also those that are put together, chicken heads don’t contain much meat, but many people also like to eat these chicken heads, apart from being dry fried and usually eaten with onion chili sauce or what is usually called chicken pecel. Apart from that, chicken heads are also commonly used as a mixture in chicken soup and chicken soup.

3. Bulging chest (Keel)

This chicken breast cut is the most favorite because it has the most meat. Chicken breast is a combined piece of chicken breast and wings and is often called stuck breast. Chicken breast is usually served fried with savory salty spices or made into bacem chicken.

4. Breast Fillet

Almost the same as full chest, but in this part there is no more meat and skin, this part is rich in protein and minimal fat from the skin, breast filler is often consumed by those on a diet or used as processed sausages, meatballs and nuggets.

5. Lower thighs (Drumstick)

The part that everyone likes the most, apart from its appetizing shape, this part is also the children’s favorite and the most familiar because it is easy to distinguish. Apart from being fried or grilled, this part of the drumstick is also a favorite when made into Kentucky chicken according to thewingmac.

6. Upper thigh (Rib)

This part of the upper thigh is thigh meat which is wide in shape and is only taken from the top of the thigh leg, generally the upper thigh has less meat. However, because it is still in the thigh category, many people also like it. Usually the upper thigh part is processed into Kentucky chicken, fried chicken and grilled chicken.

7. Thighs

This thigh is much larger in size because the upper part of the thigh is not cut because it is a combination of the upper thigh and lower thigh. This is the best part of the chicken when processed into Kentucky fried chicken, because it has a lot of meat, this part is a favorite for many people to enjoy.

8. Wings (Chicken Wings)

Whole wings don’t contain much meat, but are still delicious to eat. Apart from being fried, chicken wings are also currently sold as food in restaurants and on the roadside by grilling them and enjoying them with various types of spices and sauces of choice.

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